Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Syndicate News Term 3

Term three is now well underway and we are already flying into our learning for this term with our classroom programmes. We are focussing on several major topics and events which include – Speeches, Cross Country and also the exciting Science Fair Investigations! The syndicate camps begin this term with Room 3 being the lucky first to go in week 10 of this term. All of our syndicate camps this year are in Marahau and we will each be needing several parents to go on each camp. If you want to be a part of your childs classroom camp - please let your classroom teacher know that you are interested. All camp parents are selected closer to camp time -but it's great to let the teacher know you are keen! Camps bring with them an inevitable price tag - but the learning and memories that these fees enable are well worth the extra expense. All camp fees this year will cost approximately $100. We endeavour to keep these costs down by doing class and individual fundraising and also ask for any donations or fabulous contacts that people may have who can donate or provide discounts for the many mouths to feed on camp! Children need to be working for their camp fee at your house - doing small jobs around the house like keeping their rooms tidy, making their beds, doing the dishes, helping with the garden - there are many ways to encourage them to help out the bill payer by working! Some relatives or neighbours may also like to make a camp fee donation in exchange for some manual labour to ease the demand on the parents/caregivers to pay the whole fee. Keep an eye out for more information coming out later this term from your classroom teacher on camp information. Bible in Schools- Religious Instruction continues each Friday in senior syndicate classrooms from 9-9:30am. This programme continues for the remainder of Term 3. We have not yet received the Year 6 packs for Broadgreen Intermediate but we will pass these on as soon as they arrive in our school to all Year 6 students! A welcome addition to the senior syndicate staff is Bronwyn Thoms who is teaching in Rooms 1,3,4 & 5 for classroom release time now that Rebecca has taken over Jan Beleski's duties in Room 2. Welcome to the team Bronwyn! Have a fabulous term everyone! Kind Regards Rebecca, Kate, Jamie, Kellie, Nicky, Kaye & Bronwyn

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