Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Camp Letter - Syndicate Camping

During this week the children will be involved in activities such as:

Day tramps…Abseiling…Local history and exploration activities…Estuary and seashore activities…Artwork…Burma trail…Firelighting…Outdoor cooking…Bush survival…and much, much more…!!!

We will need parent involvement and would love to have people with skills to add value to these activities, so if you have a practical skill or knowledge we could utilise and are interested in being involved please indicate below. Please be aware that all school volunteers need police Vetting forms completed before the camp. We will provide these for you and they must be sent away as soon as possible as they take 6-8 weeks to return.

We are able to take only 4 parents as numbers are limited, but any parent unable to come for the full camp are welcome for a day or for evening as your own time constraints permit.

If we have too many keen parents it is possible to 2 days and 1 night each to share the joy!

 The cost for the week will be $120. This cost can be partially covered by fundraising by your child but if you want, or you can choose to pay the full amount.

If you do choose to pay in full please set up a system where your child is ‘working’ off the fee by doing extra jobs around the house for you! ( there’s nothing like a bit of child labour to develop an appreciation of the ‘cost’ of money!! )

We will fundraise using activities set up at school such as, sausage sizzles, and a McDonald’s evening as a class and any money raised by your child will come off their fee. Please be advised that Nayland Primary’s name or logo cannot be used for individual fundraising efforts without prior consent. Thank you for your support in this.

Please contact Bev in the office if you wish to pay the fee in installments. All fees must be paid in full before the camp starts unless prior arrangements have been made with Janice Gulbransen, or Helen or Bev in the office.


We do ask for a few extra items from home to add to the variety of food such as toast toppings etc. Of course any offers over and above, which we can add to the ‘pantry’ eg apples, bulk foods would be gratefully received!

 There will be further notices and meetings as the date approaches.

                                       Watch this space!!……………..

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